Global Climate Justice

We only have one planet and all of the people on it must learn to share it with all the other people, animals, plants, fish, and reptiles.

As rational beings we are both burdened and blessed with the duty to be the stewards of the world in which we live. A burden because the responsibility falls to us to manage and ensure the preservation of our planet. However, it is also a blessing because it is something that we can accomplish. We should be conceptualizing our time here as stewards who are responsible not only for ourselves, but for seven to generations into the future as well. We are responsible for providing a legacy to our progeny; our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children. We have inherited the legacy of our predecessors. It is agreed that they were not always the best or most proficient stewards of the planet they were leaving as a legacy for us to inherit, so we should understand the importance of leaving a positive legacy for our children to inherit.

It should come as no shock, but at the current time we as a civilization are failing at this duty. Major corporations are extracting fossil fuels and destroying entire ecosystems with impunity because they have manipulated support from many of our governments. It is often rationalized that the exploitation of people and resources are a necessity to ensure national security, but that may not always be as clear or as correct as it is claimed to be. We are rational beings and not only have the capacity to question those claims and their consequences, but we also have the duty to challenge them when they are incorrect and to seek to supplant a system of practices that will actually provide the security we and our progeny deserve.

This section is devoted to conceptualizing the issues and potential solutions for good stewardship of our planet, while not forgetting that we the people are components of the the environment and our lives and the quality of our lives have paramount importance.