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The dying and the killing has to stop!

I am going to make a moral argument for now.

Let’s assume that we agree that there is such a thing as a crime and that we agree that a particular act is a crime. Let’s further assume that we agree this particular crime warrants a specific set of reactions and punishments. For this argument to hold we will also have to assume that the person ‘suspected’ or ‘convicted’ of the crime is also responsible for the crime and ‘guilty’ for the crime.

If the agreed upon standard for reacting to a suspected crime violation is to assume innocence until proven guilty, then it is a manifest contradiction to assume guilt until proven innocent. It is furthermore a violation of our social agreement and social contract with the authorities, which is a far greater CRIME because they have sworn an additional oath to honor those agreements, something that the average citizen has not. When an officer presumes guilt and assaults and batters a ‘suspected’ crime violator and proceeds to beat or murder them, then that is a violation of the social contract; it supersedes the agreed upon response and is not listed in the punishments for the ‘crime’ thus, making the entire situation unjust and in violation; a manifest contradiction of our agreement.

Assuming that the individual ‘suspected’ of the crime is actually responsible and guilty, and further assuming that the officers presumed them innocent until proven guilty, and further assuming that they were not ill-treated in violation of our social contract and their additional oath to uphold that contract; then there is a specific set of punishments that society has agreed are relative to the crime.

Death, murder, rape, harassment, hazing, or torture are not listed among the specific set of punishments for that particular crime.

However, that is what our legal and penal system is sentencing people to and none of us agreed to that. Therefore, all the people and institutions responsible for this violation of our social agreement and contract are in non-compliance, are in violation of their additional oath, and are the greatest criminals in this nation.

This argument, as you noticed in the beginning and throughout assumes quite a lot. It assumes that their is no racial, economic, or gender bias. It assumes that we agree to the laws as they are written and the outcomes of those laws. It assumes that we know what the sanctions are and that we agree to them. It assumes that oaths have actually been taken by our officers and that they can and should be held accountable. It assumes that the agreement we have made with our officials means anything at all.

However, if nothing has become glaringly clear over the last year, it is that all of these assumptions prove to be false and that means the entire system and all of its orchestraters, colluders, contractors, politicians, merchants and so on, are in violation. If this is true, then it must be the case that they do not serve us, THE PEOPLE, and that contradicts the entire United States Constitution, which invalidates our entire government.

The United States government is not a legitimate government; it does not receive consent from THE PEOPLE, it mandates it; and that is an autocratic, totalitarian system, not a representative democracy.

The Way It Is, Not the Way It Has to Be

My head is swirling with both conviction and confusion over the events of the last few days both here in Seattle and around the country. More than ever before, I am against the totalitarian aspects that this nation exhibits and the events of this week have only served to crystallize my resolve to topple this regime’s agenda. At the same time, the utter apathy and even the contempt of many, if not most Americans, who are condemning those taking a stand and demanding justice is confusing.


I expected better. I expected more. Given that fifty years have passed since the Civil Rights movement and race has been an issue the entire time, I expected more people to be informed. But it is as though they are diametrically opposed to conceding the point, that people are being treated unjustly.  Strangely though, I don’t believe it is there fault. They have been spoon-fed the same lies and half-truths the rest of us have. They have been inculcated for so long, that even some people of color believe this crap.

This however, does not absolve these people of responsibility. Once you have been exposed to the truth and make an active choice, of your own free will, you are responsible for the decision you make. Therefore, if you are told, read, or experience the reality beyond the spoon-fed fabrications and choose to remain apathetic, then you are responsible for that choice.

The reality is that the system we live in has been built on and is founded upon injustice. The American Dream is a farce because a person’s merit and luck are not all that is requisite to exercise upward social mobility; the system is designed to constrain that mobility and to maintain the status quo.

Furthermore, the claim that is the support structure for much of the system is that minorities have an inherent character flaw that results in poverty; poverty being claimed as the cause for crime and thus, the destitute position of minorities. However, one thing you will not read in your history books is about the “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1920. This was a black city in the south that was a financial center that could have rivaled any on the planet and it was torched to the ground and its citizenry exterminated by the KKK and the police institution. This shows that there is not an inherent flaw in people of color that resigns them to poverty, but rather, reveals that it is a repressive force that subjugates and relegates them to poverty.

Again, I repeat, the American Dream is a farce. This is especially the case if you are a person of color, but even often times the case if you are poor, regardless of color.

The truth is they have turned us on one another and the real culprits behind this mayhem are sitting safely tucked behind their ivory walls. To put it to you straight, the last thing they want is for the classes to unite. So, what they do is drive wedges between the members of these classes to keep us in competition with one another over the fabricated conception of limited resources.

One of the oldest strategies in the book is Divide and Conquer.

The problem is that we do not see we are being divided. The problem is that we do not recognize that it is the wealthiest of our nation and our world who are safely tucked behind their ivory walls, are the culprits dividing us.

The oppression of indigenous peoples all over the planet, climate change, corporations and corporate funding of politics, the financial institution, the Prison Industrial Complex, and police brutality are all part of the same oppressive and repressive superstructure. However, these issues are only addressed in isolation as if they are mutually exclusive of each other, but that is not the case. The people have just been spoon-fed lies and half-truths to blur the lines of reality and fabrication. This is how they set us at odds and in competition with one another.

The tool that is used to accomplish this is something that is understood as something that is harmless and for entertainment, when in reality it is a device for programming, namely, the media and television. In the 1920s advertisers began employing psychologists to direct and target people’s sense of identity, pairing identity with products. In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took over the radio waves with his “Fireside Chats” to inform the public and shape perceptions in a way and to a volume of people never before conceivable. Then in the 1950s and 60s with the advent of the television, politics were paired with advertising. From that point forward, the information we receive via the media and television has sought to target and shape the public’s identity and has effectively programmed millions.

Something as simple as framing a report in terms of a “riot” instead of in terms of a “rebellion” shapes the way an event is conceived. A riot implies a mindless and emotive, chaotic response that lacks direction and objective whereas, a rebellion is the natural response of the people suffering from an unjust situation.  If all the media and political advertisers have to do is implant one word to shape your perception of an event, then imagine what they can do with a whole sentence, a paragraph, an episode or a series.

What is not occurring is the questioning of the agenda, the reasons behind why the events and the situations and circumstances of the superstructure are being framed in such a way. The people just accept the information they receive from the media and television as if they are authorities on these matters.

So, it is difficult to blame the people who are exhibiting utter apathy and even contempt of many, if not most Americans who are condemning those taking a stand and demanding justice. But, once you have been exposed to the truth and make an active choice, of your own free will, you are responsible for the decision you make.

We are not as divided and as different as they would like us to believe, they just do not want the classes to unify and to oppose business as usual. The system is spiraling out of control and power is consolidating into the hands of the few. First Amendment rights are already being suppressed. The NSA is already monitoring every transmission and storing them in a massive database to be analyzed. These are characteristics of a Totalitarian state and it will affect everyone, unless the system is reeled in.

Soon it will not just be people all over the planet screaming #BlackLivesMatter because they are the first ones to experience the oppressive nature of this regime. Soon, all kinds of people, from all walks of life and colors will be expressing such contempt at the system, but by that point it may be too late to do anything about it.