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The Thoughts of One Researching Immigration

The deeper I reach into the conditions confronting people who are immigrating, the greater my concern grows for these issues. And it is much, much more complex than what I initially imagined.

My heart is wrenched. 

It is, wrought with moral and empirical nightmares. It is a normative cluster ____! And it is driving me bonkers learning about it all. As a “privileged American” I have not had to consider the ramifications of many of these issues for my own life, so as I am becoming acquainted with the harsh reality that exists, it is both shocking and appalling. I can hear good arguments from both sides for why to and not to accept immigration because in either case people are harmed and benefited.

Hence the dilemma, that so many people have toggled with, where is it that the balance is drawn? In order for there to be a harm, then there must first be a baseline from which to measure the harm by. If this is true, as I think it is, then the problem becomes defining the point at which harm is measured from.

This I believe is the only way to make sense of the dilemma. Nonetheless, and notwithstanding the complications, thousands of people are dying while people are struggling to make up their minds about what should be done and how.

Loving the Thought of You

loving the thought of you

you who I do not know

loving the struggle

the thorn

the page torn

the heart scorn

loving the message I hear not

the waking moments of what if

the distant echo of your breath

your whisper

my ear

loving the thought of you near

the dream awake

so crisp I smell your hair

so ripe I spell your name

a thousand times in the air

over long breaths

so sweet

that all my cares melt right into your presence

and you just make me smile

a child whose met his best friend

loving the thought of you