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Rappers Equal Nerds

Rappers = Nerds


The Real World


Collegiate Rapper


I took a hiatus from making music while I became acclimated to life at the University of Washington, but the wheels are up and I am taking off!

What I have been learning has influenced the creation of a new project titled “Rappers = Nerds.” The premise underlying the project is that anyone can achieve success, regardless of where they have come from or where they intend to go.

My hope is that I will be able to share with people, especially teenagers and young adults how success can be achieved in high school, college, universities or the professional atmosphere of careers. Furthermore, by using the prestige I have earned as an accomplished emcee and poet will help to grab and hold their attention long enough to be a positive influence in their lives and the decisions they will make.

To achieve this, I will be using Hip-Hop and Spoken Word as the initial means to transmit these messages because they are the mediums that people both enjoy listening to and learning from. This seems to be a very likely way to bridge the gap between academia and success, and those who believe that college and a professional life is not for them. In addressing the issue of being successful, several of my songs seek to shatter many of the stereotypes that face minority groups in the United States of America.

RappersEqualNerds” is part of a campaign to change the paradigm of what Signithi Fordham and John Ogbu termed “Oppositional Identity,” whereby it is not cool, or right for minorities, especially those who are indigent or poor to be intelligent and to excel in academic or professional environments.

I am hopeful  that teachers and mentors will be able to use this material to break through the communication barriers they confront with adolescents that are difficult to reach. If and when, teachers and mentors find that words and speeches in classrooms and mentoring sessions alone are inadequate to transmit the message that success is both possible for their students and that they deserve it, then maybe a hip hop song or spoken word piece can.

The album will be featuring such artists as K.O. Nikkita, the renowned spoken word and slam artist, and host of the infamous The Seattle SlamReady Ron of the Impossiblez; Mark HoyProject RZ; Edward Lamar Hoey Jr.; Mamma Nikki of Over Mediocre, DJ Rise and many others.

All of the music created for this project will be distributed free of charge and are available for streaming live on SoundCloud and Reverbnation. I do not believe that this type of beneficial information should come at a cost to anyone.

The final component of this project is creating a curriculum of seminars and workshops  to be brought into schools and mentoring programs. For an example of the type of material that will be covered in these discussion please take a look at the background Renaissance has prepared for his song titled, “Turn the Day Into the Night,” at the following link:

I encourage any and all teachers, mentors and even parents to draw from this material when you are finding it difficult to reach and inspire an individual or group you are working with. You are welcome to use any materials that I have posted, which includes the essays or photographs, if the intention is to benefit those you are working with and the is not a profit associated with its use. You may even send me a request on my Facebook Page to come and speak to the people you are working with.

“The Real World” (Backing Track & Mix by Scott Paul Johnson )#RappersEqualNerds

Verse #1

Livin a dream…
Nah, I’m livin the way that it is
Cuz there is something I’m bound to miss
If my head is up in the mist
Like a fist to the gut
riskin to rush
cuz I’m missin the bus
missin her love
cuz I’m trapped in the lust
In the land of the lost
betta do what you must
Cuz… this is the land of the real
where cats squeal
caps peal
Bad deals, rap sheets, not rap deals
but real bills and missed meals
Where poverty comes with a blank, check
Where is the rent, betta make, that
Racial Profile, skin is BLACK
Cops they hatin, that a fact
hood they renovatin that
Gentrification, they phasin, balzin away the relations
raisin the rents to erase’em
this is the land of the real
not the land of the dream and appeal
not the land of the cream and the fill
but, the land they tax and kill…
Using the people, breakin their backs
to make them dollars in stacks
legal contracts
sealed with wax

Verse #2

In the realm of the Dream
Life is served on a palter
the work, it doesn’t matter
add-up, laughter come cheaper than Präda
Worries and Woes are absent
flaccid, pass it by,
with a flash of the passion
but if you ask’em
how lonely the mansion
he’ll lack an answer
cuz the fact is a phantom
holdin him ransom
runnin in tandem, droppin in random
arbitrary standards
magination damned him
cuz… this is the land of the real
Where hard work
pays perks, quench thirsts, and hurts
time bursts, through curse
and friends are survivors
Standing and walking the road there to shoulder
the weight of the burden,
defendin the verdict,
your struggle is worth it,
a hint is emergent
that hurdles averted
and, outcomes are real
tangible the feel
hold them in your hand
like them cards you have to deal
and you get what you’ve got
but have to use your skill
cuz nothing comes cheap
In the land of the real


So, this life, may be harder
May be shorter, may be farther
May be richer, maybe poorer
In the Land of the Real

Might die early, Might die later
Could be broke, or just make it
Could evade it, could just take it
In the Land of the Real

You might be black, you might be white
Either cower, or you fight
What you choose, will be your life
In the Land of the Real

You can make it, you can fake it
You can try to, fabricate it
But your dreams, are just that
In the Land of the Real


The Real World