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The Adventure: Finding Beauty Everywhere


The rain, clouds, sun and scenery aligned in just the right conditions to inspire the seeker in me. So, after I finished this essay on the moral urgency of the Americans during WWII, I sought out a prime location and filled my being with beauty. I had to do this after focusing on such tragic times. I needed to be reminded of the beauty and what it is we are fighting and working so hard for. It is easy to become blinded in a world of tragedy; there is certainly a world full of tragic occurrences, but that is certainly not all there is.

I believe that we will find what we want to find in the world and the people around us. If we want to find the ugly, it will definitely rears its foul head. However, and although it takes more effort because this is not how most of us are trained to interact with the world and those we share it with, if we earnestly seek the light and the brilliance in them, then it will rise out of them like the the sun in the morning. This is where belief comes into play; if and when we believe people are great and display that belief with the relevant expectations of greatness from each and every individual, then that is what will materialize.The converse unfortunately, as most of us have witnessed firsthand is also the case, that when we expect evil to emerge from people and act accordingly, that is what tends to emerge.

The journey and the adventure then is to seek out beauty in the world and the people around us and to find it everywhere our attention settles.

One of Many Amazing Nights


I absolutely love how beautiful Seattle is. All the green trees and shrubbery,  the bodies of water and trails meandering through vast parks, over hills filled with the brilliance of life and around the city. Where else can you journey from the Concrete Jungle to a temparate Rain Forest, to the ocean and back to the desert; all in the span of a day or two?

I am an explorer, and that is how I find all these awesome locations to snap shots from. When I get free from the rigors of university life I jump on my bike or take off on foot and immerse myself in beauty. It is more than a hobby, there is a passion inside that drives me to find the good where no one else sees it; that includes within people.

This is just another one of those places where beauty found me.