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“Colonizer’s Language” a Spoken Word piece by Renaissance the Poet

This spoken word piece contends with the concept of the Colonizer’s Language and how we use language to describe and identify ourselves. This piece unpacks some of the history of the term “nigger” and how it impacts us in the present.

Sweetest Lie

You lied to me

You told me, that it was, just, going to be a ride, on your bike

Now, I am not upset that you lied to me; looking back…

But you still lied to me

If you would have told me then, when it was in the middle of winter, raining, icy-cold and too late to catch a bus home

because we stayed out all night studying,

that I was about to sign up for the love of my life, the greatest partner I would ever have, some of the most emotional fights and passionate nights…


I probably would have run for the hills half-naked and risked the frostbite crossing over Seattle to get home walking for hours in the rain, snow, slush crap that we get here, to get away from your bike

Which was the fastest way home, and I had class the next morning,

Love, terrifies me,

and back then I didn’t what a thing to do with it

Not even a nice little romp in the sheets, with no strings attached

because I am a Pinocchio with big dreams and a heart worn on my sleeves, and strings that reach from my most intimates, dangling behind me, blowing in the wind getting caught in everything I cannot detach my heart from

And I’m sorry, I must be failing as a man, but I just cannot detach my heart from my intimate connection with another human being

There is no, just romping, in the sheets for me

And I had been through the ringer with this whole love thing, had my heart torn out, stomped on and spit on, laughed at, disregarded, burned, pushed aside, forgotten…

And I had failed those who loved me, violated trusts, got too busy in saving the world to remember she needed me too, until she left me because she wasn’t receiving the attention and affection she needed me too

I was not a good lover and love terrified me

More importantly though, I already loved you and did not want to accept that as a reality

But I thought, it’s just a ride on your bike, and its cold outside, shes the homie, my study buddy

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that you were crushing on me

Funny thing is, you were testing me to see if I could check my male privilege, my patriarchal tendencies, and jump on the back of a bike being driven by a woman

Fuck a patriarchy, you are a boss, a king, always have been and always will be

and if men were so good at running things, just because they are men, then why do we have so much Hell in the world today with all its attendant sufferings?

Just saying…

You stuffed this helmet on my head, condensing and smashing all of the ego that surrounds my better nature, which blocks me from the sunlight of the spirit of who I was born to be, and you knocked me back down to size, which is the true definition of humility,

but you were also trying to save my life in the event of the unlikely circumstance of a crash

And as hard as I tried to fight it, not because I was afraid of a woman being in control, but rather, because I was afraid to lose control over my affection for you; I hesitated climbing onto your bike

And you turned around, in that wonderful way you always do, annoyed as shit because I am not moving fast enough for you, unaware of what was really running through my mind at the time

How am I going to hold on to her and not fall madly in love with her?

she will know, and I will be exposed!

And you yelled at me “Get On!”

As I climbed onto your bike and slid into the seat, wrapping my arms around you, all my fear melted away and I realized that there was in place on the world, and no person that I wanted be with more than you in that moment, right there.

Thank you for lying to me, sometimes that’s just what we need to bring us to where we belong

and it brought me to you, MyHeart, I love you.

NIGGER by Renaissance the Poet







The colonizer language that we have imbibed

as if it was a life sustaining nectar

Afraid to, wean ourselves from the poison that is killing us

because we have been fooled and are fooling ourselves into believing that it’s beneficial,

nutritional, contra-positional, infinitesimal in the scope of things

The Pros outweigh the Cons…?

con-artists in sheep’s clothing, parading the homunculus pulling the strings in our brains, weighting our steps with second guesses, misperceptions, allegories, and ill-conceptions, but in vain…

Do we strive for something better, clueless to the range of how damaging the language we use to represent ourselves is to our dignity, self-identity, intrinsically speaking, spiritually seeking, deranged! conceptions of how we came to being and who we hope to be, to become, to arrive

Nigger, as if we arrived, materialized as slaves on plantations contrived for labor

and never existed prior to raising cotton for stock profits in American pockets,

droppin to the ground exhausted, because the master forgot to water the human stock bought on the auction block for cents on the dollar

And this, is what we holler as a greeting!

excuse me…


Cuz, I’d rather be a N I G G A, so I can get drunk and smoke weed all day

It is a natural response to an oppressive situation to assimilate and reclaim the terms of a language used to discriminate and disseminate hatred,

like the word “Gay,” was once used to describe happiness or joy in a situation, but then it

became a derogatory term laced with inflammation and incitation to repressive anger

displacing concentration on the facts at hand

that a label to the soul burns worse than skin to a brand

But the word only had power insofar as those convicted, insisted, complicit in its imposition

buckling under the weight’s transmission, did it have capacity to defame, but

Reclaiming the term robbed it of its power and now it is adorned with praise

Nigger, unfortunately is not a term that can be rephrased in such a way as to liberate its user

To reclaim is to own, and to own a nigger is to be a nigger’s master, a colonizer, and the oppressor


to call oneself a nigger is to be one’s own oppressor, but moreover an overseer whipping our own asses for a master who profits from our disasters

Because a nigger is lazy, licentious, sexually promiscuous, unsound in mind and body, pretentious, unscrupulous, vile, criminally minded, guided by the basest of natures, wild, genetically inferior, paternalism required:

to own the term nigger is to ingest this image, latch it to our sinews, hang it from our bones, as our ancestors hung lynched from branches, and pass it to our lineage because the ideology is a spiritual pestilence to the masses

The antithesis of white, the foil despite the toil of life the cradle of which it all ignites: Black

More Eurocentrically politically correct; African American

But still dislocates us from our historical heritage and infests with hatred for ourselves

As we imbibe the colonizer’s language as our own

But in truth it has no meaning or value to us

Words are just symbols and signs; semiology

vestigial coverings that have nothing to do with our actual identities and reality

Prison: A Just Desert

Deserves everything he got, and all that he has coming to him

Shit, should have never broke the law, caused the harm, knew what he was doing,

He made the choice of his own free-will, he had other options and opportunities

He could have chosen to starve instead of stealing to feed his children’s belliesCri

It’s about order and continuities, here!

The fact that I am the head of a corporation, raping and pillaging the indigenous in far off lands to increase the bottom line margins of profits for my stock holders, starving entire villages, so my kids can live like fat-cats, taking Disney Land homages, is not equitable to this man’s actions, because it is  legal

What he did was wrong, it was against the law…

A line that he should have never crossed regardless of what his circumstances are

And that my friend, requires consequences, his just desert is a prison sentence

The Department of Justice is a godsend, we don’t need the Klu Klux Klan anymore to keep them in check, brutal police practices, stop and frisk policies, state and federal penitentiaries relegating convicts to slaves of the system, which keeps our domestic products competitive with international markets; shit, spin it any way you like, the D.O.J. is on our side

It’s about order, I mean, imagine if everyone acted like him and everyone’s children on the planet were fed, there would be chaos! & we wouldn’t be able to control them anymore

Truth is, we need them to violate the laws, and that is why we depress the economic situations in redlined neighborhoods and do not allow them to vacate the premises, it drives up the price because space is limited and increased demand with static supply is a sure fire way to make profit gain within in oligopoly, no jobs means resorting to crime to make ends meet, and no employers will risk establishing a business in these areas so crime is all but guaranteed

All that is left, is to lobby the legislature to impose harsher punishments on non-violent crimes, like possession of marijuana, disenfranchise them based on a clause in the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, feed the public a few lies about crime statistics, and a colorblind language grounded in the individualistic ideology of America

And poor white Americans, who used to be Dixiecrats under F.D.R.’s New Deal during the Great Depression, now Republicans, will be lining up and signing up by the thousands, so that there white privilege in a post racial society will come to their benefit

And the blacks and other people of color who fall victim to this pit will not be able to make a difference because their right to vote will have been stripped from them, the rest of America will hold them responsible for making the choice to not die of starvation, because simultaneously, we will utilize the Central Intelligence Agency, to import Crack into Black neighborhoods via Rick Ross, and sign into Law the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, with 100-1 sentencing ratio for Crack possession and distribution

While running a “Tough on Drugs” media campaign identifying blacks as the culprits  of this intrusion

Then, in 1987 with McClesky v. Kemp, we will make discretionary discriminatory practices by the police and prosecuting attorneys Constitutional in the Supreme Court, and rule out any hope of bringing forth any more racial cases against law enforcement

Convince congress to invest money for an explosion in prison capitalization, privatizing incarceration and sit back and watch how the United States, which has only 5% of the world’s population, will boast 25% of the world’s inmates

This; is America,

the land of the Dream and the home of the Slave

The Word “Nigga”

These Rhymes

Carry with them

Explosive obnoxious notions

And inoculations to erosive emotions


So pay attention with your best ear

Because this world is vicious

With its conspicuous ill-nutritious

& Victim-us mentalities

Dishing us pity me card sicknesses to our realities




I’m just way too wild to be a Sisyphus

Held down by this society


The plot is thus…



With the will to be free

Like Galileo

My mind will expand the universe

But I am just a tree from a seed

You see

The beach is but a part of the sea

It’s just harder to see

That using a stereotype to my benefit will only feed the greed

And even though Sun Zu marked that as a definite factor to a wars victory

Making my enemy think I am weak, when I am not

But that’s not the case in this plot

It’s a vasectomy

& I’ve been stripped of my pride

Like, inject the beat


That bullshit would have me stripped of my dignity

Crawling on all fours

Begging with pleas



Has been disrespecting me

And however,

Incorrectly put it may be

He has miss-took me for a lesser being

The knife of his oppression- held half in my back

Held, half in your back

And he would have had more,

But the people who identified as Black

Took a stance and pushed him back


The script was flipped

But somehow we’re still off track

And while these “Uncle Tom Rappers”

Continue to profit on the exploitation

Of our modest situation

Doing the MAN’S work for him

Spewing his poisonous dominion

Into the minds of our behavior negative

Perpetuating the hate within our children


So many of us LOVE the rap

The Cadence and the flavor of

The heart of the speech in our people

Clearly there here

Where are you, my people? (repeat until they answer)


We’re here


In defiance to the oppression we hear


Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

They bring our culture back

Better yet they give us a scope of culture to aspire to

Our mentors

Who remind us of what it means to be black

And furthermore what it means to be a people

And why the word nigger


& the word Nigga

Will forever and always

Be whack.