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Skilled Labor


Throwback selfie, to the days when I worked in construction. This picture was from when we built an 80′ concrete wall with a steel-plated face at the South Park Transfer station for the City of Seattle.

Not only did doing construction work for RJ Richards throughout my 20’s build my character and strengthen my integrity, but it also provided me with an intimate knowledge of City Planning/Urban Planning and the Skilled Work/Skilled Crafts class of citizens that maintain the function of our cities. They are intelligent, hardworking, dreamers, but they are also not fully respected, and live lives full of anxiety because of all the uncertainty surrounding whether there will be enough work to feed their families. The point is that, these people serve and fulfill an important role in our #society and as such, both they and their concerns should be highly important to us all.

All of this serves as a framework to fill in the information I am garnering from my education at the University of Washington, they are not just empty theories that lack import to me. So, it seems that the life-experiences I gained during my 20’s were neither a waste, nor without purpose, but those years were actually some of the most informative years of my life.