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The Word “Nigga”

These Rhymes

Carry with them

Explosive obnoxious notions

And inoculations to erosive emotions


So pay attention with your best ear

Because this world is vicious

With its conspicuous ill-nutritious

& Victim-us mentalities

Dishing us pity me card sicknesses to our realities




I’m just way too wild to be a Sisyphus

Held down by this society


The plot is thus…



With the will to be free

Like Galileo

My mind will expand the universe

But I am just a tree from a seed

You see

The beach is but a part of the sea

It’s just harder to see

That using a stereotype to my benefit will only feed the greed

And even though Sun Zu marked that as a definite factor to a wars victory

Making my enemy think I am weak, when I am not

But that’s not the case in this plot

It’s a vasectomy

& I’ve been stripped of my pride

Like, inject the beat


That bullshit would have me stripped of my dignity

Crawling on all fours

Begging with pleas



Has been disrespecting me

And however,

Incorrectly put it may be

He has miss-took me for a lesser being

The knife of his oppression- held half in my back

Held, half in your back

And he would have had more,

But the people who identified as Black

Took a stance and pushed him back


The script was flipped

But somehow we’re still off track

And while these “Uncle Tom Rappers”

Continue to profit on the exploitation

Of our modest situation

Doing the MAN’S work for him

Spewing his poisonous dominion

Into the minds of our behavior negative

Perpetuating the hate within our children


So many of us LOVE the rap

The Cadence and the flavor of

The heart of the speech in our people

Clearly there here

Where are you, my people? (repeat until they answer)


We’re here


In defiance to the oppression we hear


Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

They bring our culture back

Better yet they give us a scope of culture to aspire to

Our mentors

Who remind us of what it means to be black

And furthermore what it means to be a people

And why the word nigger


& the word Nigga

Will forever and always

Be whack.