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The One That You Love

Being in love and in a relationship is not always easy, sometimes it requires work and an active investment into a future we both want to share. Soemtimes, when doubt clouds that future it is necessary to remember the beauty that was the gravity that brought us to each other and still binds us toghether to see the magnificence, which envelops us.

I love you. And I hope I never forget what drew us together ever agan.

Partners, Teammates, Best Friends

By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet
By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet


I love you more than words can describe,
all I truly know is that my life would be empty without you.

Now that may sound cliche, and you may be like my life will go on regardless, but I am saying that, that life is not one that I want to attempt to live because you have become so much of who I am that I can no longer think of myself without also thinking of you.

I know that our paths have taken us in two different physical directions, and for now that is across this continent, and soon there will be oceans and continents, but I am here to tell you that no physical obstacle will ever be a barrier between us because each passing moment you do not but become more part of me.

You are my heart, a dream I never hoped to find, and I will orbit you like a planet drawn to your gravity until the day, if it should ever come, that you push me away. This distance, although it may be vast, has done nothing but draw me closer to you as I look for your eternal light to warm my soul and guide my way.

I love you more than words can describe,
but each day I shall fail miserably in my attempt to share with you just how much you mean to me.

Forever yours,