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“This Ain’t Nothin New” Official Music Video

This song has been to date the longest project I have ever worked on. It is simultaneously one of the musical accomplishments I am most pleased with. Not only does it sound good sonically, but the message is also precisely what I want it to be. As a writer and an artist I often find myself wanting to change things when I return to a project. Like oh, that is the wrong snare, that hi-hat is just a little too high, or that line could be rapped better. However, with “This Ain’t Nothin New” none of that is occurring. Part of my deep sense of accomplishment is the feeling that my project is finally complete.

You will find “This Ain’t Nothin New” on all major streaming platforms.

Verse one of this song is about how the history of oppression has been washed away and made trivial. It calls into question the sources of our information and reassert the importance of our internal understanding of the oppression we feel.

Verse two digs into the contradictions between the supposed oppression overcome and the current counterpart. Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow” was a major influence to the formation my analysis. Jim Crow being another name for #segregation Alexander cleverly argues that serrations is very much still alive and thriving, it is merely couched under a new name with different conditions. This verse piggy backs on that understanding and expands the conversation to more than prisons. The right to abortion and bodily control seems always under threat and Arizona just repealed the Roe v Wade legislation in the State. The real argument of this verse is that not as much had changed as people often want to believe. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Verse three is about the continued reactionary response to social justice and Liberation movement across generations. It’s also about how the hate groups of the past, namely the Ku Klux Klan and White Citizens Councils have their modern counterparts; i.e. the Tea Party and Proud Boys, etc… not to mention the fact that there are still kkk and Nazis out here. Fascism has not died. In fact, it seems like there is a resurgence of it on every continent. These are scary times, for certain. The nasty part about having our history rewritten to make invisible the truth of the past and to hide the factors of our present, is that they can use that foundation to manipulate our acquiescence and thus our consent to be oppressed. Thus, #KnowledgeIsPower in this sense because we will not accept anything other than reality and from that point is the point at which our struggle for Liberation begins to thrive.

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Renaissance – New Song in the Works

I am working on a new piece that will have will have both Spoken Word and Hip-Hop elements. Here is a little behind the scenes glimpse of my writing process and to what the new track is shaping up like.

As I have gown more meticulous with my writing, I have also gotten more precise and I think profound in my understandings.

The One That You Love

Being in love and in a relationship is not always easy, sometimes it requires work and an active investment into a future we both want to share. Soemtimes, when doubt clouds that future it is necessary to remember the beauty that was the gravity that brought us to each other and still binds us toghether to see the magnificence, which envelops us.

I love you. And I hope I never forget what drew us together ever agan.

Final Exams


Verse 1

Sweatin, trippin, flippin out
cuz the end of the quarter is comin about
been workin hard, been givin my all
but don’t know if I will survive to the Fall
My grades have been slippin I haven’t been getting
all of the rest that I should have been getting
stayin up at nights and writing these papers
skippin my sleep, like tireds a weapon
prepare’n for tests
and must do my best
but snatchin an “A” is about finesse
pages are turnin
under duress
arangin my classes as pieces in chess
algebra’s hard
balls to the walls
equations and fractions that never resolve
this history beast been climbin my back
and fillin my head with these figures and facts
not time to relax or work on my raps
pull out my hair
send up a prayer
run through the halls, like I just do not care
I’m into the red
My teachers are scared
I’ve disappeared, my friends think I’m dead
but I’m into these books
Library nooks
Data Bases and Internet crooks
Doing research
Read till it hurts
distracted by all these girls in their skirts
but this is college
I’m here for the knowledge
Virginia Wolf and Governor Wallace
haji me mashite
maikeru des
uroshiku onegai ishi mas
I’m losing my mind
I’m all out of time
and smellin like funk, cuz I’ve been on the grind
I’ve fallen behind
Papers aren’t done
No! I’m not fine! Can’t walk a straight line
Assignments are due
I know that I’m through
what else can I do
but head into class and do what I do
the best that I can
& just mark them all TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!……………


Verse 2

Final exams, are the part of the plan
when it’s time to prove, that I understand
the books that I’ve read, have to be in my head
to earn the degrees, that I, have declared
but, how to compute
and take to the root
memories that I have stuffed in my boots
and pull them all out
to mark them all down
under the pressure could fail and drown
a quest that besets, even the best
of the students that outshine the rest
text books are written
without any rhythm
no wonder, they are so hard to remember
boring and dry
hard to apply
lacking any appeal to the eye
hard to begin
worse to revisit
who hears students who ask for revision
remember my raps, the lyric syntax
So, I reach in the stack
of books in my pack
searching for lines to turn into raps
the rhymes start droppin off of the page
lines start poppin brand new ways
I’m out of the maze
out of the haze
these words are my own, I’m shocked and amazed
I’m using my brain
what once was a game
has become a tool that will earn me an A
the Gregor Wendells
and Charles Darwins
The Natural Selections, I wrote them all in
I remember the names
I remember the dates
I remember the ways they have led us to change
I’m prepared to test
I am at my best
and because I am ready, I am done with the stress
So, I walk into class
Recalling my raps
It helps to relax, to focus on that
and I have a plan
so, at the exam
Confidence churns to prove that I have
grasped the material
the words and the math
my professors taught me
to ace the exam

Should I make a full length song out of this, what do you think?

I just tried a few new things with this track and I am wondering if I should pursue making this instrumental, which is quite experimental on my part, into a full song. I decided to give you all an option to weigh in on this one and help me to create the product that you want to hear.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/renaissancethepoet.official or https://twitter.com/RenaissanceTP for more details on what is going on currently. Or for information on my up and coming project you can always check out my press release page at https://renaissancethepoet.wordpress.com/music-and-poetry/

I look forward to reading your opinions and hope that everyone is having a wonderful winter so far. Happy Holidays.