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It Cannot Be Done Alone

I have been busy crafting songs focused on ‪#‎SocialJustice‬ issues for quite some time now, but I need some help getting the words out there. People need to hear this and if you can think of anywhere for any or all of these to land to get to the ears and minds of the people who need to hear it, please share them or let me know where.

It’s not about numbers, and it’s not about money.

It’s about making a difference in people’s lives.










We Can Do It Together

I know you all have seen the lyrics and heard the song that I have been working on for this #Diaspora and #Apartheid research project. 

The purpose is two fold:

(1) To get the message out in a different medium than the tradition essays and articles &

(2) to draw attention to fundraiser so that I can afford this project.

I know that you all believe in and support me and the things that I am fighting for because I am fighting for all of us and for a better tomorrow. The truth though, is that I cannot do it alone and I need you help to make this possible.

I also know how it is, sometimes money is tight and if it is, then I certainly do not want you to hurt yourself and I am not asking you to. What you could do for me though is share the link to the fundraiser with you people and ask them for their support; that would go a long way in helping me.

On the other hand, if everyone I know chips in $10, then the research would be fully funded.

I potentially have some scholarships that I will be awarded, but as of yet I have not heard anything. The only way this research may be possible is with your help.



The song I put together can be listened to and downloaded for #Free @: