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American Values?

The 'Almighty' Dollar
The ‘Almighty’ Dollar

One of the most prominent failures of United States society is that we try to measure how well we as a people are doing by reference to how much money we make in a year: GDP . When in reality, although the spending power of each individual does contribute to our standard of living, an economic reference reveals nothing of the relevant value of our spiritual or emotional well-being as a people. On top of that, the index does not include domestic labor, parenting and so on, in other words, positions and task traditionally fulfilled by women in this country because our patriarchal society discounts the labors of women.

Money has value, but only the value that we assign to it (there is not even a gold nugget backing up the “Federal Reserve Note” and don’t let me get onto the Fractional-Reserve Banking system and the Marginal Propensity to Consume, which make money out of thin air; this flimsy pieces of paper and digital ones and zeros only have the value we assign to them.

However, money is so low on our collective hierarchy of values; trust, love, friendship, acceptance, honor, honesty, parenting, the capability to care for loved ones when ill, a government that respects us and is answerable to us, promises, and happiness; that using a GDP or a salary to measure our well-being is utterly lacking, it is invalid and unreliable.

We have been bamboozled into believing that money will make everything okay, that it is all that we should be concerned with and that it will answer all of our problems, but that is a farce, a fallacy, and an utter and disrespectful lie.

But a GDP is not the only way to measure the well-being of a people, nation, state. For another model check this out:

Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world


defaulted in-American justice

imprisoned in a mind state

the scope of work overbearing

nearing extinction in trait

homo erectus presides

the fear of doctorial advice

a pill for this a pill for that

numb to the paradise

these pair of eyes Patriclese

I despise the weakness

recurring dream answerless

Jacobs ladder bleak miss

peek into the future

and live in past pensive

missin the signs of today

blind apprehensive

insane to the last ember

fallen empires grow silent

moments pass forgotten

the land recalls we die violent

the water bleeds souls

the boat man paid in full

absent thought resurfaces

oppression is cruel


dead in the lies ears cold

trust broken into hollow hearts

a thief of emotion with

vampiric fangs of heaven’s harps

entombed in the wake of hope

drafted into remission

standing for another’s beliefs

meet the mirror in collision

caged for singular reach

a breach by any means

dissected reformation locked

in apocalyptic scenes

no reparation worth

the price that’s been paid

smolderin hate in the earth

the chest of mortals betrayed

quaking through the structure

holding this system noble

the truth not a nectar

but a ripple felt global

not knowing where ones going

any road will take you there

but a pissed off generation

is something they should fear


the wind is deaf but hears

who knows what stories it holds

epic colliding forces

that seem empty when it folds

the sweat of a people

stained on the brow of a youth

trying to shake the burden

a cavity in a tooth

poison in the blood stream

extremities die first

a lurching presence

the hate and the hurst

we’re slave to our key

the money eats us alive

watch the buildings climb

it’s like the only drive

but torn down bodies

see none the profit

and we pay dearly

for trying to mock it

they hold all the cards

locked up the knowledge

all to pin us down

but we’re breaking the bondage