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Hidden Places

My mind was drawing a blank,

Hung slow, over long-moments…

The rope frayed where it gripped the bark

But there were no coins, left, for the boatman

So when I was cut down

I fell

But never hit the ground

Instead, I passed right through it

Beyond even the touch of sound

Tumbled weightless through space

And slipped out of the conscious

But there is Nothing like Eternity

That will unveil a man’s essence.


First, the stars were connected with

Lines in awesome designs

Then words began to be written

Across entire skies

A bright light began growing

From far off in the distance

And at some point overtook me with, a, supreme persistence…

And when I awoke from that

I held cage in hand

Poetry, in its perch

It’s Motionless, y, pointing

To that old scarred birch

And that’s when I remembered

The tree from which I had been slung

The story, of utter silence as it rippled it’s paralyzing affect through my un-life

And what had happened, since I’d been hung…

How mere words had carried me from one end of the universe to next

And I realized, that

My breath!

Is for verse.

The world is my canvas

The world is my page

So I opened my mouth

And lifted the gates on my cage…