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Catch-22 of the Heart

Is it possible for a poet to be without words and yet still be pained with the need to give voice to the feelings inside?

It must be because that is how I feel at this very moment.

My heart is wrenching itself from my ribs and dislocating itself from my chest because it knows that it deserves and needs to be free in order to perform its function properly. Yet, it also recognizes that the order imposed by this system of bones and sinews, veins and arteries, and nerves and vessels constricts its capacity to function effectively. Strange to think that the very system which needs my heart for survival will not give it what it needs to provide it with the full measure of life it desires; it is happy to exist at a restrained level of existence because it is afraid to let go of control.

This is precisely what is happening in society today. The system of laws and politicians, judges and courts, social norms and conventions are afraid of releasing control of the very people who will set them free to live the fullest life they have ever dreamed of.

I can only assume that it is the tantamount fears of not being in control and of the unknown that causes those with the illusion of control to muster all they can to retain the illusion. But, this is a catch-22 dilemma because the very act they hope will save them is causing a slow death through social suffocation and stagnation. Constrict the vein or artery that provides and sustains life and there shall be no life.

This Heart Is No Longer Mine To Keep

I wanted you to have a message that you can save and refer back to from time to time when things get murky.

I love you, you are my heart. I know this because I waited my whole life to be graced by a soul like yours; your soul, in fact. You allign the stars for me and make this crazy world make sense, you still the chaotic waters of life and bring peace to my existence. You are the blessing I do not deserve and the gift I surely could never ask for.

I love you with all my heart because in truth it is no longer mine to keep. Once you found your way in, you reshaped it and breathed life into something I had long forgotten so, my heart belongs to you.