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Almost There

I was going over my requirements for classes yesterday and I noticed something for the first time, in a way that I have never noticed it before. I am about ten credits away from my Philosophy degree and 12 credits away from my History degree!!!!

I am about to graduate from the University of Washington with my Bachelor’s degree!!!

I will be one of the first in the family I grew up knowing to accomplish this. Graduating is also something I once believed was impossible. For the longest time. Did not think Black men made it through college often. I now know different.

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds and our bodies to the tasks and stay the course; no matter how unbelievable it seems at first.

Partners, Teammates, Best Friends

By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet
By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet


I love you more than words can describe,
all I truly know is that my life would be empty without you.

Now that may sound cliche, and you may be like my life will go on regardless, but I am saying that, that life is not one that I want to attempt to live because you have become so much of who I am that I can no longer think of myself without also thinking of you.

I know that our paths have taken us in two different physical directions, and for now that is across this continent, and soon there will be oceans and continents, but I am here to tell you that no physical obstacle will ever be a barrier between us because each passing moment you do not but become more part of me.

You are my heart, a dream I never hoped to find, and I will orbit you like a planet drawn to your gravity until the day, if it should ever come, that you push me away. This distance, although it may be vast, has done nothing but draw me closer to you as I look for your eternal light to warm my soul and guide my way.

I love you more than words can describe,
but each day I shall fail miserably in my attempt to share with you just how much you mean to me.

Forever yours,


“The Real World” (Backing Track & Mix by Scott Paul Johnson )#RappersEqualNerds

Verse #1

Livin a dream…
Nah, I’m livin the way that it is
Cuz there is something I’m bound to miss
If my head is up in the mist
Like a fist to the gut
riskin to rush
cuz I’m missin the bus
missin her love
cuz I’m trapped in the lust
In the land of the lost
betta do what you must
Cuz… this is the land of the real
where cats squeal
caps peal
Bad deals, rap sheets, not rap deals
but real bills and missed meals
Where poverty comes with a blank, check
Where is the rent, betta make, that
Racial Profile, skin is BLACK
Cops they hatin, that a fact
hood they renovatin that
Gentrification, they phasin, balzin away the relations
raisin the rents to erase’em
this is the land of the real
not the land of the dream and appeal
not the land of the cream and the fill
but, the land they tax and kill…
Using the people, breakin their backs
to make them dollars in stacks
legal contracts
sealed with wax

Verse #2

In the realm of the Dream
Life is served on a palter
the work, it doesn’t matter
add-up, laughter come cheaper than Präda
Worries and Woes are absent
flaccid, pass it by,
with a flash of the passion
but if you ask’em
how lonely the mansion
he’ll lack an answer
cuz the fact is a phantom
holdin him ransom
runnin in tandem, droppin in random
arbitrary standards
magination damned him
cuz… this is the land of the real
Where hard work
pays perks, quench thirsts, and hurts
time bursts, through curse
and friends are survivors
Standing and walking the road there to shoulder
the weight of the burden,
defendin the verdict,
your struggle is worth it,
a hint is emergent
that hurdles averted
and, outcomes are real
tangible the feel
hold them in your hand
like them cards you have to deal
and you get what you’ve got
but have to use your skill
cuz nothing comes cheap
In the land of the real


So, this life, may be harder
May be shorter, may be farther
May be richer, maybe poorer
In the Land of the Real

Might die early, Might die later
Could be broke, or just make it
Could evade it, could just take it
In the Land of the Real

You might be black, you might be white
Either cower, or you fight
What you choose, will be your life
In the Land of the Real

You can make it, you can fake it
You can try to, fabricate it
But your dreams, are just that
In the Land of the Real


The Real World

A Few Words on Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the willingness to persevere through a challenge in spite of being afraid. In fact, if there is no fear then, there cannot be courage because courage is a response to fear.

Growing up I lacked all measure of courage and I tried every means imaginable to escape my life. I was caught in a true dilemma; I was afraid of both failure and success, and both led me to quit everything I started. Though I mostly just masked my fear with drugs and alcohol, and pretended as though becoming a drop-out and a drug addict did not bother me. Ironically, it was because my addiction divested me of hope and morality unto the point that my body was only a vestigial shell of a human, that I found the courage to fight for something greater; to fight for the life I had been granted and the place in our world I was promised. Those fears never left me, I am still to this day deftly afraid of failure because I know its pains all too well, and I am also afraid of success because I am not sure who I will become.

However, after losing everything but the glimmer of a dream to become a lawyer and to be the first person in my family to graduate from college, I was possessed with a willingness and a desire to face my fears, conquer my dreams, and break out of my shell.