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Loving Seattle at Night


SeattleĀ is such a beautiful city at night and I just love finding awesome places to take pictures from.

City lights make such a pretty sight, they are something that I have always loved chasing and watching since I was a youngster. When things were at their worst my mother would take us for a drive and we would find the highest lookouts with the prettiest views to take our minds off the woes we were confronted with. Now that I am all grown up, I just tend to love wandering off by myself, giving me time to think, and I explore for the most pristine locations for fun. It always reminds me of the peace my mother shared with me growing up. And now I get to share that with all of you.

Downtown Seattle looking beautiful and majestic


Looking up from below Pike Place Market the monuments to humanity’s success (or failure depending on your opinion) I was struck by the beauty of it all. Glad I had my camera with me. I know that this will not be the skyline for long and this photo will become a piece of history some historian may refer back to in the future when telling the story of Seattle.



So seldom does the photographer get to become part of the art and the vision shared with the world. However, sometimes accidents turn out to be quite spectacular. I wanted to capture the image of Seattle’s downtown while riding the Light Rail southbound, but the reflective glare of the windows were impeding my ability to do that. Instead of becoming frustrated, I decided to use the reflection to my advantage and used the lens of my camera as a static fixture in this piece and used my body as the back-drop thus, making the city part of me and myself part of the city. Then I edited the picture to draw out the colors beyond the reflection and viola, a beautiful picture emerges.

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