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King County Metro Revisions

King County Metro


I don’t know if anybody else is feeling this way, but I am freaked out about the route revisions/reductions. The cuts have not even occurred yet, and still the buses are over-crowded and often times leave dozens of us waiting at the stops. Reports estimate nearly 400,000 passengers daily, many of who depend on the system for transportation to work and school. Since, this is what the buses are like now, I dread to imagine what commuting will be like after the cuts.

Community Transit is wise transit; it means less traffic congestion, less stress and irritation, and it is healthier for the planet than personal vehicles.

Princess of the Metro People

The bus,

stretched long,

many passengers,

all kempt in their own places.

There’s an accordion midriff,

for turns,

where she sits,

silent and motionless,

not a blemish in sight.


Postured in a ninety degree angle,



never seeming to make eye contact,

no smile,

no headphones,

She steps tight,



to depart the same seat.


Flash blue NIKE,

she sneaks,

brown swoosh,

at the bottom of tight blue jeans,

and a thin tan jacket,

mid cut,

long enough to hide her butt.


A dream that comes and goes,

our carriage laments her passing,

but continues,


shrugging off memories

of the princess that graced our trudge home.