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Love Birds

By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet
By Michael Anthony Moynihan a.k.a. Renaissance the Poet

When we first met I was drawn to you like a wave to the beach, and with each opportunity that presented itself, I was compelled to meet and join with you.

And after all this time, this– beautiful, amazing, life changing, powerful, passionate–time, I am still drawn to you like the moon to the sun, and I can do naught but let your warmth wash over me, your light eradiate me and illuminate my being, it is your essence which causes me to vibrantly shine throughout the evening sky.

You are my soul mate, and although you do not make me whole, for I was complete before you lighted within my sight, you nonetheless, enhance each and every one of my fibers, nay, every molecule of my being vibrates at a higher rate, to the point that I live on a new plane of existence with you, you revitalize and rejuvenate and are who make my life worth living.

You are the love of my life and I would never trade one microscopic moment for anything else, I love you.

And even though we an fly, sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the moment and slow life down a bit, soaking in a good conversation on community transit.