Drowning See

Been on some other shit

Must of missed the mother ship

Took off on another trip

Gone to chill with Artemis

The thought of it is nautilus

Jupiter the stars amiss

Reaching through the seals

To grasp the holy heart of us

Slipping through my fingers

Like it was the fog of ferry’s dust

Well If you walk on water, please come over here and carry us

Omnibus has failed the test

To justify a way to live

Took their books and rhetoric

Of justice boarding slavery ships

Now soulless war machines trail the skies supplant regimes

Dropping bombs on harmless families

Innocent with no more dreams

Rising tides from climate changes

And there goes the Philippines

Still burning fossil fuels, topping mountains, fracking things

Hedonist Americans

The problem is a part of me

Maybe need lobotomy

Been prayin to the heavens

Been drowning in the see

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