The Inconsistency of Law Enforcement

Any institution which abhors it’s members critically analyzing its precepts, principles, and actions and, how well the three are kept in alignment with each other, in my opinion, is inherently corrupt.

Self-reflection is the key to growth. Since institutions are human creations and are composed of humans who maintain them, then it is the responsibility and the duty of its members to reflect and correct the behavior of our institutions. This becomes vital and essential especially when that institution is charged with maintaining peace and order, notwithstanding how arbitrary and hierarchical the definition of ‘order’ is, which privileges some and harms many.

The system of law enforcement in the United States in particular, but everywhere more general, wherein its members are granted power to control and direct the actions of others they have no other relational bonds to, is inherently designed to cause unfair and unjust outcomes. The expectations of the roles the institution creates systematically requires suppression and oppression of people’s liberty and by corollary resistance from those its members seek to control. The guardians, or police officers are not invested in the public’s lives, not invested in their well being and other than the controlling situation of suppression and limiting liberty has no other relational connection with the people the guardians believe they have a claim to control. Thus, the people rightly feel apprehension to an imposition by these supposed ‘guardians’ who are not invested in their welfare and well-being.

The push back against the ‘guardians’ leads to police officer increased abuse of #power to sustain and maintain control of the situation and circumstances, thus, leading to further injustice and opprssion. Without this willingness to push their behavior to the limit and beyond what is agreeable and considered peaceful and orderly conduct, the very qualities are guardians are sworn to uphold, their job, their duty becomes nearly impossible. As a result, the selection and training of these so-called ‘guardians’ limits itself to those who will go beyond the precepts and the principles of the institution and thus, undermines its reason for existing.

The result being that some of the worst crimes are committed by those who are responsible to prevent, or mitigate crime, or to provide assistance in the event of a crime; crime being a harm that has been done to another. The problem is so ubiquitous because the members of the institution are not permitted to challenge the behaviors of the institution not being in agreement with its principles and precepts. The problem is so ubiquitous because the institution systematically seeks out and selects those who will not challenge the status quo, those who will go beyond what is acceptable, those who will do what is immoral.

The law enforcement system is corrupt, immoral, and a harm to the community in the manner that it exists today.

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