Vigil for the Students Murdered in Kenya

The speakers in this video provide a much more complete description of the atrocity that occurred so, I will not attempt it. Save to note that 147 innocent students were murdered because of their religion and ethnicity. At the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington of the United States we have students from all over the world on our campus, many of who are from Kenya or nearby.

Being so far away and not able to contribute physically to condoling the families and friends impacted by this tragedy, and also feeling the need to mourn together the loss of so many, our students and community members hosted a vigil on Thursday April 9, 2015 in Red Square.

It is my sincere hope, that you both watch and listen to what is shared in this video, letting the truth and the reality sink in because we as a people who share this world must find a way to overcome our differences and, to live together with both tolerance and love.

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