Doing What I Do Best: Making Waves

Taking care of some of the background footage for the Climate Change video we are shooting. Expect something fresh!


Tug at my heart, and tow my imagination along with you too, please.

Just happen to catch this amazing shot while I was shooting footage for a #HipHop video about #ClimateChange

1428035875195[1]Another cool spot to peep the town from.


#Duwamish River a #superfundsite and that means it has been an ecological disaster. Just because we have always used our waterways in a particular manner does not mean we always should.

The people most impact by pollution and the destruction of our environments tend to be those least impacted. Conversely, those most impacted trend to be the least responsible and also with the least negotiation power.
Looks beautiful until we look beneath the surface to see who is harmed by our practices.


Sometimes a shot just jumps out at me. True that I had to have my camera on me, but whoop der it is!!


The song is about to pop! The lyrics are fresh, the emcees are top notch, and the message is on point.

But you know me, I cannot let a good shot slip past me.

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