“More Than A Moment” (Explicit) by Renaissance the Poet

Inspired and Influenced by my experience in the Black Lives Matter Movement here in Seattle this song makes connections to both the history and the broader contexts of racial oppression and institutional discrimination of people of color.

Verse 1
Atrocious how the notion of race wrote in the Constitution
3/5 a human being no matter how its phrased we losin
Thomas Jefferson, a slave rapin abomination
Wrote all men are created equal but not the women he laid with
Blacks and women property, they thought of we as stock
Afraid of us in every way, they had us under lock
Cuz women were the wisdom keepers, blacks the line of kings
Couldn’t lose control of us, we’d topple their regime
So they wrote us out of history pretend we never existed
But here we are in front of them pumpin double fisted
And because we wont be silenced, or resign to being slaves
Their method is to kill us or keep us in a cage
Verse 2

That’s a fact, not up for debate
If it pisses you off, that I recognize this; great
I’ma keep sayin it, till this system change
5% the world, 25% the inmates
12 million Disenfranchised
Can’t vote in any race
Daren Wilson not anomalous that’s the way they train
And the way the laws are written to keep us blacks in place
Tagets in a post-racial society
Where Black and Brown lack our notoriety
Social Darwinism, Eugenics, in the mix
But the public loves deny that any of this exists

Verse 3
Far too long, have we permitted these attrocities
To rip through our people destroying our cmmunities
Working through the system with Respectability
While Black males now listed as endangered species
The People, have had enough, this is it
Come hell or high water, bout to get what we’re comin to get
Liberty, dignity, release from these chains
It is our duty and our right to fight for and win change
The D.O.C a mockery, Supreme Court Hypocrisy
A system built on racist thought can never function properly
Dimantle the structure, no piecemeal reforms
BlackLivesMatter takes America by storm

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