Rape Culture at the University of Washington

We have been addressing the discriminatory institutional practices of the University Of Washington, but we also have to address the culture. In particular what I am concerned about is the “Rape Culture” that I have been hearing about.

(1) Yesterday, from some very credible sources I discovered that the UW Medical facility (world renowned) does not have what my sources called Rape Kits that will help women that have been raped. The story that was shared with me is that a woman was raped somewhere in the University district and she went to the medical center to receive medical care and they told her that they did not have what she needed to receive assistance and they advised her to catch the bus and to head to Harborview.

First of all, it is hard enough for a woman to admit that something as atrocious as rape has occurred to her, but then to also turn her away at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the Northwest is a problem that needs to be remedied; immediately!

(2) I sit in many circles on the UW campus and every week I hear about how the people in or are associated with the fraternities at the University of Washington Seattle campus are giving them drugs to make raping them easier. However, you do not just have to trust the accounts that I have heard from trusted sources (though you should) I also have supporting evidence:



The problem with the second report is that they are calling the drugging of women and the attempted rape of several women #SexualHarassment, that is an assault and battery with the intent to cause serious damage that will potentially be internalized for a life-time! Sexual Harassment is cat-calling, is whistling at women as they pass through the campus, it has nothing to do with the intent to commit rape. And what the university is proposing be done is to increase the awareness of sexual harassment…

No! These people need to be charged with attempted rape! These people need to be expelled from our school and their Fraternity needs to be shut down! For so long as the University of Washington does not sanction and pursue prosecution of the individuals responsible for this type of behavior, for just that long does our university condone and sanction this behavior, and is complicit in the misogynistic ideologies that permit rape and in the rape culture on campus.

Now is the time to act and get these people who are harming women off our campus!

Now is the time to make sure that the resources are available for those who are sexually assaulted on or near our campus!

Now is the time to make the University of Washington safe for all of our people!

#UniversityOfWashington #UW #Seattle

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