There Are No Spectators In Human Rights

There are no spectators in the struggle for Human Rights. When there are people any where, at any time, who display the courage to stand up and fight for their Right to Life; fight for their Right to Liberty; fight for their Right to Equity; and fght for their Right to Live in a Just World against those who would, have, or are opposing and denying these Rights; no one is a spectator. Either you acknowledge and respect these Rights and act accordingly, which means you permit no infringements to these Rights; or you have sided with those who do not believe these are Rights. Believing that these Rights do not apply to all with equal strength, conviction, and protection is a contradiction and thus, displays that you do not believe these are Rights. Permitting these Rights to be violated and infringed upon is to be complicit in the violation of these Rights and therefore, to be accomplice to the perpetrators who deny Life, Liberty, Equity, and Justice throughout the World. Silence is complicity. Refraining from action is complicity. Either you act in affirmation of Human Rights, or you act in negation of Human Rights, but is no middle ground. There are no spectators where and when Human Rights are concerned

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