Why I Be

Diggin in the trenches
Flipping over benches
Running through Seattle
Cuz, I aim to make a difference

Marching up these Streets
Rapping on these Beats
Pouring through these books
And my words come with heat

Speakin at the Council
Chillin at the Town Hall
Repping our People
Bouncin to throw my hands up

Teaching youth the answer
Fighting cops like cancer
Questioning the system
And how it loves to pander

Reeling at rejection
Feeling insurrection
Cuz they hear nothing
And recoil from inspection

Retaliate with weapons
Paid for with our taxes
They forget to ask us
want bullets in our asses

Went from hoses to mace
suppression the case
The same as the 60s
& We still up in they face

My people unstoppable
Success more than probable
Tearing down this Jim Crow
First thing that’s gotta go!

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