What Counts As Violence & Why

I believe that the greatest warrior will end a war before it ever begins. This entails extinguishing every other peaceful alternative, but once that time has come and gone, what remains is to fight for our Rights.
Think about it, if there would have been no violence, then there would be no America.

What was the Boston Tea Party, but a destruction of property against and meant to harm an oppressive force and tyrant?

Both of which are now actions hallowed in history as estimable and pivotal turning points.
What about the harm and violence that was done to hundreds of thousands of Africans all across the diaspora and that continues to happen to this day? Is that violence justified?

What about the violence and harm that was wrought upon the First Nations and our people when the colonizers stole this land and exterminated our people and continue to steal land and life to this day? Is that violence justified?

Why is it that when some government uses violence that the world thinks it is justified, but when the people harmed by that violence return in kind the people shun and blame the victims and not the oppressors and villains?

Why is it that the oppressed and marginalized are penalized and criminalized instead of the public standing behind what they know to be right and penalizing and criminalizing the oppressors?

It is the dialogue that you are presented and programmed with that leads you to make that determination and to remain reticent while violence and harm is being done to marginalized groups.

Stop the Dialogue. Stop the Violence.

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