I Refuse to be Silent

The system is a bitch
That’s just the way it is
Well, that’s what they tell me
When they want me reticent
Quite, docile, a drone That’s mindless
Oblivious, inactive, and lost in innocence
But implicit in the message 
is something hideous 
Something quick to miss
But so insidious 
Like a cancer to my soul
And a plague upon my spirit
But their point is screaming loud
if I have the heart to hear it
I’m a threat to their way of life
To cold butter, the hottest knife
A free spirit, an open mind
Not blinded by the media, why
I’m seeing through my third eye
It’s My submission they require
for me to turn a blind eye
To the minarets, obelisks, and spires in the sky
Symbols meant to inspire dominance and power
But they just conceal the deepest lie
Without me they have nothing
Are nothing, Achieve nothing
Because it’s from me 
Which their power derives

What they want is me to stay in school
Go to college, get a job, rack up debt, become a slave, to the money system pyramid, get married, have some kids, drive a car, dependent on their fossil fuels and buy a house falling victim to the money pit.
What I thought was the “American Dream”
turns out, to be just a scheme
The consequence of seeing
What’s between the lines I’m reading
Cuz if I’m focused every minute 
on how to stay afloat
This Detracts attention from the rope I weaving and tying around my throat
Hence, the mindless drone
Too busy to be concerned 
with the fact I’m disillusioned,  uninspired, and being burned
By a system, spiraling, out of control
One that I never consigned, endorsed, or voted for
And all that is required for the system to remain
Just the way it is, 
because that’s the way it is
Is to do the same
& remain reticent 
Silence my objection
To the system and its aim


Cuz they’re placed above women 
Men remain silent
Cuz they’re placed above blacks
Whites remain silent 
Cuz they’re placed above the poor
The Rich remain silent
Cuz they’re placed above indigenous
Industries remain silent
Fabricated divisions 
and social constructions
Designed to justify and motivate fallacious deductions
But reverse the situation and realign the circumstances
With memory of former privileges and find that it enhances
My scope of what is just,  equitable, and fair; this
the Original Position behind the Veil of Ignorance 
If I wouldn’t accept the life of one I consider lesser
Because it is lesser, then how can that life be right?
When that life is constrained to be at its level of plight
By the system, I, remain silent against them
Protecting my position
Like it’s given
Then I deserve blame 
Like the author of this imposition

If the system stays unchecked,
Unquestioned, and erect
Then what I know to be wrong 
Will persist in effect
The 1%,  express will continue to oppress
And dominate the politics 
that got us so repressed
Under this Panopticon
The N.S.A. they got us on
Watch, we the enemy
To suffocate the energy 
who challenge them the effigy
The FEDs’ll be, declaring me, a threat to peace, for speakin FREE
On issues like the New Jim Crow and Climate Change
The Glass Steagall Act
Repealed, the credit runs away
The IPCC warning bout 2° of change 
C’0’2 from Fossil Fuel to environment the bane
Infringements on social justice 
Killing tribes for land
Supplanting rulers in countries
Nicaragua to Iran
No they don’t want me to speak
Or to have an open mind
But I won’t be reticent 
I was born to rhyme

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