Not Invisible



Can you count the number of times you have walked past a person doing this job or a job like it?

Of those times that you recall, how often have you done your best not to let them notice you noticing them?

Treated them as if they were invisible?

It strikes me that in our stratified system we can just summarily dismiss and omit a person’s life and importance.

Well the people who do this type of work have lives, and share them with people who depend on them, just as the other people who know them not depend on the services they provide.

It is true that they may not want to be noticed, but I believe is because the roles they fulfill have been stigmatized and devalued by society.

However, there is no one person who has more value than any other. And as I have shown, their lives are important to so many.

If we change the way we conceive value, then the world might just reshape itself into something that we all think is fair and can agree upon.

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