Closeness and Community: A Hypothesis About Immigrant Integration in Greece

Some more thoughts of mine on Immigration

Behind and Within Borders

I cannot stop being like “I, am in Greece!” This place is off the hook! I love it here.

Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

I have been to the ruins in Acropolis where the Temple of Athena is and stood in the place that Democracy was born. One of the primary characteristics this reveals is that there is long history here in Greece, and particular traditions that the people of Greece are beholden to because of their specific identification with that history and the traditions that have been handed down. It is not like the identity that we have in the United States, where our heritage as Americans reaches back just over 400 years or so.

The Greek culture has been evolving for thousands of years, and that is a tremendous heritage and identity. This of course does not mean that there have not been ups and downs, twists and turns in the directions that…

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