Stopped by the Gestapo

One interesting experience I had in Athens, Greece and a lot of thought filled in behind it.

Behind and Within Borders

Ok, so it was not really the Gestapo, it was the Athens police, but it sure felt like I was doomed so please, let me explain.

The Lowdown

It may have been jet lag, my ridiculous work ethic, or just my desire not to miss a moment of my time here in Greece that caused me to be awake at two or three in the morning working on one of my posts for this blog. Anyhow, at about that time I went out of the dorm to have a smoke–I have an electronic cigarette that I puff on. I was not doing anything than what I normally do, even for just being a newcomer to Greece, I went to smoke where the Resident Advisors of my dormitory instructed me to smoke and I was just leaning against the wall smoking and editing one of the many pictures that I have shot. Nothing out…

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