At the Center of Athens a Heart Beats “It Depends”

Behind and Within Borders

In the Heart of Athens In the Heart of Athens

Here I was thinking that after the first day that performing these interviews would get easier, but I was mistaken. However, I think that I am happy about that. The reason that I am happy about it is because if it was easy then, I do not think that we would be doing any good. I mean, if it was easy, then what would be the point and what would we be doing here in Athens?

What We Are Doing

We are here asking the public for their opinions, thoughts, feelings and knowledge about the immigration situation in Greece. Now imagine if you will, that a foreigner, an outsider walked into your neighborhood with two buddies, walked up to you with badges on their chests and notebooks in their hands asking you politically, socially and economically piercing questions; how would you feel? Exactly, I am betting that you…

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