First Day Surveying and Interviewing in Athens, Greece

Day One On the Grind

Behind and Within Borders

The Crew I Be Wit The Crew I Be Wit

Today, we conducted our first series of surveys/interviews in lovely downtown Athens near Syntagma Square. Now in my humble opinion coming from Seattle, where everything seems to be so plain compared to Athens where all of the building, especially the older building seem to have such character, it seems like one of the most beautiful places on earth that I have ever been to. However, that is not the same conclusion that the residents of Athens draw. I made a comment about how beautiful and nice the city and its inhabitants are to a bartender one night, and she was like “really?” Then she said how she wanted to move to Paris where it was really beautiful and then made mention to the availability of work there. It had never crossed my mind before then that the availability of employment could and should be considered…

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