Cowards in the Shadows

Desperately entombed in the womb of what’s next

Itching for my last breath

As to a severed limb

I want this life, but I bosom death

A child to my knees

Pray before bead, the hex within, pentagon

Angels befallen forsaking my hell

Whispers on the wind, a witch’s spell

And I weep for the still lit ghost of the past

Latent host of a sunken ship chained to the mast

Pulling me so close to the edge all I can hold is my ass

Beacons of hope for the masses


Sometimes it’s the questions we forget to ask

Sometimes it’s the life lead with many masks

Cowards in the shadows sipping off a flask

It’s the lust of the flesh that feed my soul


But if I let go because, I can’t hold no more

The world is too much to bare

On shoulders still trying to grow

My space is getting colder

It’s been a long road

And I can’t see home no more

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