((I Love You)) Because I Choose To

After all this time,

I think

That I finally understand,

The reason I feel for you the way I do…

& it’s because I choose to.

no matter how much shit you do,

that I,

think at time is dumb or pointless,

& no matter how much sometimes, I,

want you to bend, to my will, and do what I want, and you won’t,

no matter how much I get frustrated sometimes,

over how your perception of what’s important, impacts how you prioritize your time and how that just throws wrenches into the gears of my over scrutinized micro managed schedule, bringing my whole life it seams to a halt…

I am grateful  that you are part of my life.

Because there is a bond between us,

You see,

All your weirdness wore on me,

And you slowed me down enough

To enjoy some things in life that I had forgotten,

Like long walks holding hands,  quiet suppers, the joy of art, sleeping in on Sundays,

& having meaningful conversations about noting of great importance, how to be friends and truly enjoy another’s presence, how to take the time to take time and be part of, & how to let go of all the things that I think I have to get done

The Strange thing is that it’s like you balance me


Becoming the woman I love.

We sure do share space well together.

It took me a while to figure it out,

But I feel for you,

The way I do


Because I choose to.

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