Shot Back 1

in the street I see memories

young brothaz just like me

wonder who they’ll grow up to be

will they see past 18

you see I see myself on a park bench slangin dope

and underneath a bus stop dancing on a rope

got my boy by my side

and the po-po with his eye

makin sure I don’t drop one

cuz he tryin to give me 5

but it was like yo, I gotta survive

now I wish I’d  stayed in school made a better life

incubations rise around me

I see men rise and fall to hit the beat

it’s like a cyclone of death no on cares to stop

and it’s like don’t even help to call the cops

now my boys are telling me they gonna be the law

try to make a change in the world to help us all

but I wonder if it”s too little too late

and I wonder if god heard our call

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