My Psalm


In all things I come to you

because you fill me with light

& my heart is dark

& now I am weighed down with carnivorous plight.

My mind is vexed with judgments

& I cannot see past my own eyes

For a foggy brainstorm of prejudices

& cavernous lies

Have taken hold of what is rightfully yours

It is the time of dime

the priest in me enshrined

the scholar in me lost

& hallowed in books throughout all time.

But I still cannot hear your voice

I never saw your burning bush

Yet I still kneel at your alter

& I know that I am a renegade son

Attempting to push

my way through this world into heaven.

I am going through hell

burning, working, twenty-four-seven

scratching more pennies than quarters

struggling, losing more dollars,

& I would do anything to win

But the gamble snatched me at the collar

& I had to learn the hard way

That I cannot buy my way in to your home.

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