Got It All Wrong

At First

When I was so young fairy tales were real me

I wanted you, like distant treasures I could only hope were there
A dream,
Dreaming itself, in distant places, wrapped up in comforts no dream would dare to dream of
But I dreamt you
And in my dream, you dreamt me
And we together, both, sipped, from ever flowing pools of happiness
Content with full stares over long moments of silence…
The nature around us bloomed with our moods
And sung in harmony the melody of our hearts
As we collapsed into one another’s arms

Our dream was of beauty
Our dream was of love

At  First…

The cold weighted current filling in around us
ushered succession
Which surfaced like balloons
As though they were held under too much water.
Our dreams escaped us
As the world flooded in
Forcing us to grow up
We clutched for and lost all we’d ever known

Our Dream
& Our Love
The world,
Is a weathering machine
That peals layers of fancy off of us,
Like, shavings of wood over a carver’s pick
As it shapes us
And it scrapes the mystery away
All the while the hustle bustle of becoming adults
Catches us,
Caught in it’s rush
Disregarding one dream after the next as childish and unworthy
Until we forgot hot to believe in things of wonder
And magic became a story gimmick
Reduced to rubbish

So naturally,
We grasp onto that which was prepared for us by the world
And we became the Job
We became the Slave
We became
The dollars a day spent on quad shot espressos
The blank stares in elevators, screaming (Enough is Enough!!!!)
We became
The bank,
The savings account,
The banker in the tie persuading us to spend money we didn’t got
On things we didn’t need
We became
The car,
The store,
The I Pod,
The gazillions of songs piled in wasted digital space
The Ethernet cables connected worthless devices
The cell phones that connected us to the essence of being in the twenty-first century
Lost if they were, forever out of touch
We became
The Grades on our credit scores like they were criminal background checks
Because money was who we really were… right???
And rushed with literal obligations
We fell through empty relations
With emotionless faces
And we became
Flustered with felonious pleasures of life, fallaciously weathering away our innocence
Being carved by the carver,
With pick in hand,
Our dreams were slowly shaved from our lives
As we resided to become the countless entities
That we, somehow believe our world to be

And that’s when
True love,
Was almost forgotten

But, mostly by accident
One day
We met
We bumped into one another
And as our eyes connected
We froze
But not for long, lest we be caught, dreaming
So shamed to believe
But, in that short moment
The violent thunder of an ancient magic being awoken
Quaked through all the layers of our past
And resurfaced,
Bringing with it an uncomfortable heat and dry mouthed ness
Moments slipped into hours, almost without notice
And the dream
Slowly came back to life
As we fall into one another’s arms…
And when our lips touched
The world stopped…

True Love knew True Love,
Before and without all the rest of the junk we throw in its way
All that just sort of slipped out of sight
Our dream was stronger
Our dream was of beauty
Our dream was of love…

Wonder what else the world got wrong…

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