Shock wave

Dynamic transister disposition

My configuration is an audio visual compilation

Twins, simultaneous universal stipulations

Which keep my psyche focused on those drastic presentations

Leaving no time for hesitations

As the ground is vanishing from beneath my feet in hesitations…

I see rifts in time

Cliffs they be

Oblique, inchanting and mystique

Deathly cold winds cut my body as these visions come aflame inside me

No death

No life

Only emptiness in sight

I fall to die, I soar the sky, no need to cry, beyond why I try to make anything out of this nothingness

I see no end…

Yet here it is…

I satand on land again with the horizon of in the distance the sun’s warmth laning upon my skin


My translation is purification

Gratification is dancing from my heart towards all creation

A teacher’s lesson was taught

When it was wisdom that I sought

Peep this, here is what I got…

As I rely on others, they rely on me

When I fall, so shall they

This is what I see

This lesson did not come cheap

I will heavily reap

And coarsly weep

As I succumb myself to this next valley approaching this next peak

Where I will learn a new lesson

But if I ever run into that same cliff again

I can call upon my teachers wisdom

“My dicisions, affect the people around me”

And these are my CLIFFS.

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