I made a sound #Environmental decision this morning that also promoted my physical #health, as well as my #memory: I rode my bike to school. White Center to University of Washington.

That means a total of 11.4 miles of travel that I did not have to consume #FossilFuels to accomplish; so a definite plus for the environment there. Physical endurance and cardiovascular training both of which are massively important to maintaining health. What is the craziest is that the #hippocampus, which is associated with memory storage and acquisition is stimulated, enlarged and enhanced by cardiovascular activity. Conversely, a lack of cardiovascular activity will have the adverse effect and actually limit our ability to store and to access memories: some no student wants to have issues with.

So, my decision to do my part to limit the#Tragedy_of_the_Commons and help out the #environment, also simultaneously keeps me healthy and improves my memory so that I can be more successful in school.

Right on!!!

Divest University of Washington

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