Is Equal Fair? Is it Just?

People are not equal. And even though we would like to perceive ourselves as such, that is simply not the case. What we have is a hierarchical system based on classes; a class system. Second, we have drafted laws and formed expectations that are, in theory, supposedly universal and to be applied “fairly” to all citizens equally. Yet, the reality is that the laws and the expectations for people are not applied equally to all people. So, neither are people in this society equal, nor are the laws and expectation that are applied to them done so equally. Most people have problems with this.

Should we have universal laws and expectations? Does a millionaire have the same obligations and constraints that someone who is at or below poverty level have? No. Does a middle-class “white male” college student have the same obligations and constraints that a middle-class “black female” college student has? No. So then why are the laws written in such a way as to pretend that they are?

Furthermore, why do we pretend that different classes of people have the same moral obligations, when it is clear that we do not? How can it be that people with access to different resources are expected to do the exact same? Either one is being under-taxed, or one is being over-taxed, but either way the system is not just and I think that this is a great place to begin the revisions.

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