Your people and your friends,

the truth, well it depends

on more than just the words

they spit while makin’ ends.


Half steps and over reps

will end them gettin’ nothin’;

wolves in sheep’s clothing

shit, you know they’re after somethn’.


May be a dog eat dog world

that we’re livin’ in.

But not everyone’s your enemies

just reaching for them ends.


Choose your allies well

and your friends even better

‘cuz they’re the ones you’ll need

when it comes to stormy weather.


You’ll know more from their deeds,

than just the things they claim.

Are they speaking in them tongues?

Are they out here playing games?


Do they follow through with action?

Can you hold them to their word?

Can you count on them to be there

when the times they get absurd?


Cuz them fair weather friends

they be “Gone with the Wind[s]”

Quick to leave you hangin’

Swangin, reaching for the ends.

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