“Will It Ever Be Enough” by Renaissance the Poet–Dyllyn Greenwood’s Free Music Video Competition

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Dyllyn Greenwood’s Page

(((Submit Your Vote By Following the Link Bellow)))

Dyllyn Greenwood’s Page

This song is for a competition that Dyllyn Greenwood is hosting and the winner is rewarded with a free video. The competition was a three day competition, the beats were posted three days ago and the contestants had to write a song, record it, make a youtube video and promote in that time limit. This has been a trying and fun exercise of what I can produce. If I win, this will be my first video.

Dyllyn Greenwood is a fresh Emcee and an incredible filmographer, so this will be an amazing project. Mad props to him for giving us something to work on and to be involved in.


The beats for the competition were found here:

Will It Ever Be Enough“-Lyrics

Will it ever be enough?

Been through hell and back, just to get to where I am, and so I ask, will it ever be enough?

I have been: Doped out, slanged out, rapped out, poor…

But I have never been more shackled by any force, my own mind and what I have believed was possible.

Will it ever be enough?

Not enough to survive
Man, I am in this to live
Grew up from these streets
I am not just one of these kids

getting by , on the grind, barely makin ends, 9 to 5, skirtin by…. is not for me

Running rounds, pounding ground, feelin down, a victim who, blames… society
Sooner, than later

That piper comes to get paid

Knockin down doors, takin names, making bullets rain, stress’n’pain, & greed

Consequences, heavy
The cost, the life of men, petty
The debt, a life spent, maybe
But, death a definite, levy

When, I play my luck on the dice
Thrice, the cock crows on the price
Vice, knot in the dope, & cries
Why’s, heaven empty in the skies

When we’re, hanging from the same noose
Can’t let the thang loose
Bang from a crew, what!!?

Cuz, we’ll end in a cell
Be Claimin it’s Hell
but, will it ever be enough!!?

Will it ever be enough…

Will it ever be enough…
Not packed in the back, missin the facts, wrapped in the tracks and passin the cash
Forgotten to ask, why wearin a mask, hidin from the brass, ya cats on the dash

Not holdin a flag, packin a mag, back to the dealer, got him packin a bag
Sparkin to Blaze, lost in a haze, more than a phase, when ya trapped in a maze

When the Rivals have a Bachelors, degree and yes their Master’s
Fractal Banking wizards, cashing in on us—Huh?

So, yes we need that paper, but heed not to the vapor
Diplomas what we have to get, to save us

will it ever be enough…

will it ever be enough…

Renaissance the Poet:



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